Medical Cannabis - Israel

Cronos Group Israel, Irrigation and climate control system
Location: Israel
Application: Medicinal cannabis
Water source: Mains network
Solution: Irrigation and climate control system

Cronos Israel, the local arm of Cronos Group, one of the biggest medical cannabis companies in the world, turned to us to create an irrigation and climate control system to improve operations at their site. 

As a leader in medical cannabis, Cronos Israel required high levels of control and monitoring over the growing conditions of their crop. They wanted the ability to control the irrigation and climate parameters at all times in order to create the optimum growing environment for the plants. However, the site did not have an existing irrigation system.

We developed a full environmental control solution for Cronos Israel’s greenhouses covering heating, cooling, lighting, drying, venting and air circulation, and CO2 enrichment.

This included an ebb and flow bench irrigation system and fully automated fertilization system. One major element was a drainage collection and treatment system that allows for the re-use of irrigation water by using ultrafiltration to remove pathogens from the water while retaining the essential salts and nutrients.

Cronos Israel also requested a single high-end control system that would allow them to control all of the different components of the irrigation and climate systems from one interface.

In order to allow them the level of fine control desired, we developed a tailor-made control system which allows them to monitor all of the different environmental elements in the greenhouse. As a result, Cronos Israel has real-time information about what is happening in the greenhouse and can respond to issues before the plants become under stress.

Cronos Israel’s site is now considered to be the cleanest facility of its type in Israel having achieved excellent results in clean lab tests. It maintains the highest standards of production and operation with minimal labor requirements, resulting in greater yields of high-quality products and consistent growth cycles throughout the year.

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