Plastic Mulch

Eco-One Oxo-degradable Plastic Mulch

Eco-One Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Mulch provides the strength required to ensure a tight fit over raised and flatbeds while improving growing conditions; it retains all the benefits of regular mulch, boasting increased yields, easy installation, earlier harvest, soil warming, weed control, and moisture retention.
Oxo-biodegradable plastic warms the soil, leading to much earlier crops and keeps the weeds down during early emergence and plant development. Degradation begins as soon as the film is exposed to the elements. It continues to break down until the microbes consume the film furthering its existence into H2O, CO2, and biomass.

Samco Degradable Film

Samco films provide 3 essential functions. At the time of laying down the film, the pinholes allow trapped air under the film to escape keeping the film tight to the soil. During the first 6 weeks of plant growth, the pinholes allow high temperatures out on warm days and keep the plants in an ambient environment for maximum growth. In later sown crops the pinholes weaken the film allowing the plant easy access through the film while maintaining soil temperature.

Micro-embossed Plastic Mulch

This true cast process imparts a deeper embossing and material characteristics more compatible with farm mulch film application. The square pattern is almost identical to conventional mulch but smaller. The microembossing allows the film to stretch and have a memory so that it lays easily and hugs the bed tightly. This high memory film comes back to its original shape after periods of heat have caused it to expand, maintaining a tight cover.

Smooth Plastic Mulch

Smooth Plastic Mulch suppresses weeds, is flexible and stretchable, reduces evaporation, and increases soil temperature, which all contribute to earlier and higher yields. It’s known to be more durable and easy to install. The smooth film will conform to both flat and raised beds. Strong enough for either double cropping in the same season or possibly over two seasons. Easy field removal.

Eco-Light Reflective Plastic Mulch

The reflective properties of aluminum-faced plastic have proven to organically control several species of insects. Using Eco-Light Reflective Plastic Mulch aids growers to harvest higher quality, marketable fruit and vegetables.

Mini Tunnel Plastic

Low tunnels are a great way to provide warmth to early planted crops, protecting plants from harsh winds and brisk temperatures. It helps to promote and retain heat, essential to crop development.

Enjoy the benefits of mini tunnels as crops come on more rapidly, allowing an earlier harvest and first to market pricing. Installed with a tunnel layer onto wire hoops, plants are safe with ventilation on this film.